What are crystals and how can they heal

Why crystals are important

amethystAccording the “Serpent of Light” by Drunvalo Melchizedek, crystals are alive and conscious. In science, carbon is associated with all organic chemistry and everything that is alive. Right below carbon on the periodic table is Silicon, which is the primary element of quartz crystal. Silicon actually displays the same exact principles of life than carbon does and both carbon and silicon are the only two elements known to create life. There are even some living life-forms in the ocean that are completely made of silicon and no carbon.

Crystals are conscious living things. They are able to receive and send human thoughts and emotions. Because crystals are powerful enough to pick up electromagnetic signals and frequencies, they are also able to pick up human thoughts and frequencies. They are also indispensable elements used in computers today. Crystals can hold thought patterns and programs forever.

Crystals can help people intensify an affirmation or intention. They can help put the chakras of the human body into balance and help heal the body. Each crystal has different properties, since they may vibrate at different frequencies. Some help with meditation, while others may protect someone or help someone feel grounded. Each gemstone is also associated to a particular planet and astrological sign. Different crystals have many different healing properties and certain crystals are associated to particular organs or parts of the body. Crystals will help raise your vibration, so their effect is always positive.
Let’s look at the properties of a very popular and beautiful crystal: Amethyst
Ranging from a light violet to dark purple, Amethyst is a crystal stone from the Quartz family. Its zodiac sign is Pisces (but also Aquarius, Capricorn Virgo), it vibrates at the number is 3, its planet is Saturn and it is associated with the 7th chakra (crown). Amethyst, which comes from the Greek word “Without poison”, is believed to ward off negativity and guard one against poison or witchcraft. For the Egyptians, Amethyst was used to guard oneself against one’s own negative thoughts or feelings (such as guilt, fear or self-deception).

amethyst (1)It’s a very protective stone. Amethyst is also a very powerful crystal because it helps deepen meditation and it enhances one’s own psychic powers. It will also put you in touch with your intuition. Finally, Amethyst is a great healing stone- Not only is it beneficial for headaches, but it is also used to help heal any part of the body, especially the lungs, heart and blood. It is also a calming stone. It will help with cravings, addictions, and stress.