A List Of Top 6 Health Benefits of Hijiki Seaweed

Hijiki seaweed – the kind of brown sea vegetable grows around the coasts of Korea, China, and Japan, and has been used commonly for centuries. The familiar vegetable is usually served with sushi or miso soup. Beyond its delicious taste, the health benefits of Hijiki seaweed surely make a strong impression on you.

What is Hijiki Seaweed?

Most seaweed is said to be quite good for your health. Hijiki seaweed is a kind of seaweed which has been primarily consumed in Asian countries such as Japan, China, and Korea for ages.

Hijiki Seaweed Nutrition

Hijiki seaweed is quite low in fat-free, calories, and carbohydrates. The health vegetable also contains high amounts of essential minerals including iron, magnesium, and calcium as well as a great source of dietary fiber.

According to nutritionists, a cup serving of Hijiki seaweed provides just 10 calories. So, a great snack without having fats and carbohydrates is suitable for those looking to lose weight.

As we know, calcium is really necessary for bone health as well as prevents you from some certain bone conditions (osteoporosis). You never care about how to consume enough calcium if your diet is supplemented with Hijiki seaweed. The wonderful seaweed has more calcium per serving and provides about 90% of your recommended daily iron intake. Hijiki seaweed; therefore, is said to be one of the excellent choices for those with anemia or those who need to be supplemented with more energy.

As mentioned above, Hijiki is a great source of fiber with many health benefits such as cholesterol level control and preventing cancer and heart disease.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Hijiki Seaweed?

  1. For Digestion

One of the health benefits of Hijiki seaweed is providing a huge source of fiber which helps improve the digestive process, fights against some digestive diseases such as bloating and dyspepsia, diarrhea, constipation. The fiber in Hijiki seaweed also helps you to lose weight, reduce the cholesterol level, improving your cardiovascular health, and some certain cancers.

  1. Prevent Iron Deficiency

Hijiki seaweed contains high iron level, more than 5 times the amount in chicken liver. Therefore, the seaweed is considered as the wonderful antidote for anemia as well as an iron-rich food for those with iron deficiency. Iron plays an essential part in the red blood cell production, thereby increasing oxygen levels in blood and fighting fatigue.

  1. Improve Bone And Teeth Health

Calcium is one of the important minerals which contribute to the development of bone in children and prevents bone conditions such as osteoporosis.  Hijiki seaweed is rich in calcium, so it is a great choice for children as well as the old. The healthy vegetable also has anti-anti-inflammatory properties like Polysaccharides which is useful in fighting against arthritis and rheumatism.

  1. Improve Heart Health

Providing dietary fiber is another of the health benefits of Hijiki seaweed. Dietary fiber in Hijiki seaweed is well-known for its ability to control your weight and support digestive system by decreasing the appetite. It is also useful in eliminating the excessive amount of cholesterol in the blood, which helps to reduce the overall cholesterol levels in your body. Owing to keeping the cholesterol levels low in the body, Hijiki seaweed can reduce the risk of common cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, heart attack, or atherosclerosis.

  1. Balance The Hormones

Iodine deficiency contributes to your thyroid health and hormone balance. Hijiki seaweed is considered one of the powerful sea vegetable which is a simple way to enhance your iodine levels as well as boost your hormonal health in general. Therefore, if you are worrying about the daily iodine intake or are deficient in the essential mineral, your diets should be supplemented with more Hijiki seaweed.

  1. Improve Your Sleep

Stress is the leading cause of poor sleep; according to scientists. The magnesium can help to stimulate hormone production that helps to relieve stress as well as boost greater relaxation.  Hijiki seaweed is brimful with magnesium which is considered as the wonderful support for your sleep. For those suffering from poor quality sleep and even insomnia, increasing the level of magnesium intake in your diets surely make a significant difference.

How to Use:

Hijiki seaweed with its green color brings delicate flavor to soups and salads. Here are some simple tips to use the sea vegetable.

Soak some Hijiki seaweed in some warm water around 15 minutes and wash it. Then chop it before you cook. The vegetable needs to take much time to cook in comparison with other vegetables (at least 45 minutes).

Hijiki seaweed is usually eaten in various ways or chopped up to mix into some salads, soups, fries, or seafood dishes.

A simpler and more popular way to consume Hijiki seaweed is mixing it into various vegetable dishes or any traditional meat. The sea vegetable is also added to boiled, fried or marinated dishes.


Although health benefits of Hijiki seaweed make it become popular in the world, the vegetable has some toxic components. Here is the precaution you have to consider. The seaweed has a potentially carcinogenic substance called inorganic arsenic. According to nutrients, if you eat a huge amount of Hijiki seaweed regularly, you can increase the risk of consuming an enormous amount of the toxic in your body. Therefore, Hijiki seaweed will be a perfectly safe food if you consume it at a reasonable level. Doctors advised that eating Hijiki seaweed at most 2 times weekly is one of the simple ways to avoid consuming inorganic arsenic.

In conclusion, this writing provides you with the health benefits of Hijiki seaweed you should know about. Besides, we warn you of the potential risk from eating too much the seaweed. I hope you will find useful information from this. If you have any questions or want to share your ideas, please leave your comments below.

Top Personal Care Trends- 4 Personal Care Trends You Should Know

This is a new article that will reveal some of the top personal care trends you should know and then make use of them for good.

Nowadays, consumers are changing the way how to interact with their personal care products. Read on this article to find out the top personal care trends in the market here.

Top Personal Care Trends- 4 Personal Care Trends You Should Know:

  1. Convenience

An increasing number of consumers are trying to balance their personal care routines with their busy lifestyle. As a result, there may be a general movement towards polyethylene terephthalate usage that enables for the flexibility of product. Companies are also making use of gravity to reduce dispensation, which has been adopted. You can find easier to closure devices, open caps, packages that stand up better. Portion control devices are all innovations that are responding to a customer’s desire for ease of use and convenience. Actually, this is one of the top personal care trends that you should not look down.

  1. Value-Added Products

New developments go on occurring in the personal care packaging sector, customers are expecting added value in the products they buy. Packaging manufacturers should meet this need through the added innovative techniques. Across all of the categories, these systems have become an important way for brands to differentiate personal care products and give customers additional value. These brands are showing products that can be directly applied to the facial skin or other skin areas.

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  1. Diversify The Natural Beauty Retail Landscape

When it comes to top personal care trends, you should not skip out the fact that natural beauty retail landscape has been diversified. Beauty products are occurring on natural beauty retailers’ shelves. Depending on the environment of the retail, there is room for both high-end and value beauty products, especially when beauty retails focus on giving customer dynamic shopping experience for different kinds of beauty customers. Also, natural retailers are bringing deep education, product diversity and stringent standards.

Conventional retails will go on stocking more natural products while dabbling in regional offerings and setting up some holistic beauty education. At the same time, more luxury retailers will bring organic and fair trade offerings into the shelves. Finally, we hope to see universities, drugstores, airports as well as other convenience stores that bring more natural products into the mix.

  1. Male Grooming

The increasing popularity of male grooming is increasing the worldwide demand for male skin care and hair care products. Antiperspirants, shaving, aftershave have been traditional products most used by men, and these products are being joined by a hair and skin care products. This is one of the top personal care trends that are often driven not so much by a demand for attractiveness, but by a specialist. Therefore, in this tentative market, brands attribute significant value. The importance of setting up brand affinity, awareness and loyalty features in the brand owner’s activities because customers seek the reassurance of brands for their personal care routines on a daily basis. Besides, pack functionality is very important as the male consumers look for simpler and more practical application from their packaging.

After reading this article about top personal care trends, I hope that you can remember and then make use of them for good. If you know other top personal care trends, feel free to share them with other readers below.

Author Bio: Lien Nguyen – Writer and Blogger, who has more than 6 years of experience in the industry of Health and Skincare. I work for Healthy Guide – reliable resources that help readers solve all their health, beauty concerning, and many other issues in life. I also focus on nutrition, relationship, fitness, lifestyle, men and women’s issues. Find more of my articles on Facebook.

4 hottest Beauty trends for Men in 2016

According to a recent study, guys have become more comfortable to adopt the grooming habits of women. In case you are looking for hottest beauty trends for men, then you should not miss out this article with the top hottest trends for men’s beauty:

  1. Use Concealer

In fact, women are not the only ones who get uncontrollable dark circles under the eyes after suffering from insomnia. Also, they are not the only ones who feel more self-conscious when there is a blemish to pop up. Traditionally, men had to ask their mom, sister or girlfriend for a spot of concealer. However, everything is gone. On the market, there are a lot of cosmetic lines that are dedicated to meeting the requirements of men. And of course, using concealer has become one of the top hottest beauty trends for men. Apart from concelers, there are also other products that are suitable for men’s skin tones and types.

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  1. The Classic Undercut

One of the hottest beauty trends for men is to choose a classic undercut which still keeps trimmed sides, yet leaves the top hair not too long. This hairstyle is recommended for men who may be a bit apprehensive about this hairstyle as it is quite simple and is not too extreme. Besides, styling this hairstyle is simple. You just need to use a bit of proper hair product to keep it polished and clean. A wet look mousse or gel will offer this haircut a 40’s/50’s touch that may be great to alter the proportions up.

  1. The Circle Beard

This is actually one of the hottest beauty trends for men that you should not miss out!

There are a lot of beard styles for 2016 you can opt for. Circle beard is one of the hottest news of top trends in men’s beauty. It will surely add oomph to your appearance. Known as the “standard beard”, this beard style is a combination of rounded goatee and mustache beard styles. It looks tidy, making it a great option for men who get oval and round face shapes and want to look presentable without having to let go of the beard. In order to get the circle beard, you need to ensure that you get enough amounts of hair to avoid shaving or over trimming. It would be the best option to visit a salon to achieve this circle shape as it may be a little fussy.

  1. Use Body Spray

This is the last one out of the list of the top hottest beauty trends for men that you should follow for good!

Sometimes, guys want to get a light scent and the ability to freshen up throughout the day without the use of a full of cologne. We have found some of the best body sprays for men which beauty trends for men are hot now. They not only smell great, but many of them can also double as a good body deodorant.

The entire list today reveals 4 top hottest trends for men’s beauty that everyone who wants to keep a stylish look should know and follow for good.

Author Bio: Lien Nguyen – Writer and Blogger, who has more than 6 years of experience in the industry of Health and Skincare. I work for Healthy Guide – reliable resources that help readers solve all their health, beauty concerning, and many other issues in life. I also focus on nutrition, relationship, fitness, lifestyle, men and women’s issues. Find more of my articles on Facebook.


5 Ways to Boost Collagen naturally

Collagen is actually a protein that is essential for the growth of the body and also our appearance. Look at the collagen levels of the body, we can see how young or old we look. If you are among those trying to look younger than your real age, meaning that you are trying to increase the collagen levels inside your body, then you should not skip this article with the best ways to boost collagen naturally:

  1. Quit Smoking

This is actually one of the most amazingly useful ways to boost collagen levels that everyone should not skip!

Smoking is always bad for the human health, including the skin health. It is always simple to spot a smoker due to their skin state. Smokers typically come with pale and saggy complexion and a lot of wrinkles as smoking can create nasty enzymes that could pose some damages to the collagen production inside our body.

  1. Consume Less Sugar

The excess sugar intake can lead to a process named glycation. The excessive levels of sugar inside the blood can attach to collagen molecules and create advanced glycation end products – the substances that can cause symptoms and signs of the natural or premature aging process.

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  1. Increase Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most essential vitamins for skin health – it is really necessary for the collagen production. The more vitamin C abundant foods like tomatoes, broccoli, citrus, and kale you consume, the better your body and health would become. This is also a great one out on the list of ways to boost collagen that can work effectively for everyone.

  1. 4. Plant Proteins

Going along with the natural aging process in women, the estrogen levels inside women’s body could drop. This is a natural thing to face, but it can negatively affect the body, as well as leading to a corresponding collagen levels’ drop as this substance is indispensable for our body to produce collagen. To get your estrogen levels boosted noticeably, try taking plant estrogens, which could be consumed from hummus, nuts, pinto beans, and soy.

  1. Exfoliate On A Regular Basis

This is the last one out on the list of the best ways to boost collagen that people should not skip at all costs!

In fact, the exfoliation of dead skin cells on the body can help to encourage our body a lot in boosting the skin cell renewal and the production of collagen at the same time. People can make use of many simple ways to exfoliate the skin, such as using natural ingredients, such as seeds, sugar, and sea salt. There are many simple to apply recipes that people can make and implement at home using these natural ingredients. Moreover, people can also make use of chemical exfoliation, such as using lactic acid and glycolic acid. They will give you even greater and faster results as you desired before.

The entire list today introduces 5 best ways to boost collagen that everyone who wants to keep young look should make use right from today. Try the tips yourself and get a brand new appearance!

Author Bio: Lien Nguyen – Writer and Blogger, who has more than 6 years of experience in the industry of Health and Skincare. I work for Healthy Guide – reliable resources that help readers solve all their health, beauty concerning, and many other issues in life. I also focus on nutrition, relationship, fitness, lifestyle, men and women’s issues. Find more of my articles on Facebook.