Ayurveda is one of the oldest sciences, with roots dating back 3000 to 5000 years. According to Ayurveda The smooth and proper working of channels tubes that exist within the body and transfer fluids from one point to another is considered necessary for better health, according to Ayurveda .Disease is caused by blockages in these pathways. Sweating is said to help free up the channels and dilute the doshas that cause obstructions. Toxins are frequently released via steam baths and other steam-related treatments.
there are some traditional treatments help us to boost our strength and gaining better health.

Pizhichil Therapy

 Pizhichil Ayurveda Treatment is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment involving soft massage of the whole body in streams of lukewarm medicated oils. In olden times, the treatment was specially offered to the kings, and therefore, it was famously referred to as “Treatment for Aristocrats” or “the King of Ayurvedic Therapies”. Some other names by which the Pizhichil Ayurvedha treatment is known are Sarvangadhara, Kaya Seka, and Thailadhara. Stress and worry have become common part in our lives, affecting not only our mental but also our physical well-being. As a result, it is critical to seek Ayurvedic advice from time to time in order to manage stress and maintain overall health. we can take a break from your daily life at kurichiyil Ayurveda hospital to refresh and relax with Pizhichil treatment. Pizhichil Ayurvedha treatment protects the body from illnesses and builds up immunity for a healthy life.

Uzhichil Therapy

Uzhichil Ayurveda Treatment consists of a full-body Kalari massage method that rejuvenates the neurological and muscular systems while also stimulating blood circulation. This treatment method is a combination of Dhanurveda and Ayurveda. Uzhichil particularly applying pressure to muscles in a methodical manner based on their structure while also activating the neurological system and the circulatory system. The Uzhichil therapy is a highly effective treatment method for spondylitis and back pain, as well as a supplementary form of treatment that boosts vitality and strength. It improves mental sharpness by increasing the body’s normal energy flow.